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at the living facility she managed for the past four years. that is till noon yesterday. >> we determined there was odd financial transactions and began investigations. >> reporter: police say she targeted an 80-year-old woman who had no family but had a financial adviser who reported a strange number of purchases. >> the list is being compiled right now. we are in excess of $40,000. but it may be higher than that. >> reporter: police searched her home yesterday and removed items. now they are trying to determine if she had more victims. >> not a particularly kind woman. >> reporter: she called the situation tragic. >> we entrust those who are
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limited to what we consider responsible professionals. >> reporter: advocates say better support systems are needed as is more over sight. the owner lives in santa barbara. >> who is going to be watching? there should be a checks and balance system to protect these people. >> reporter: this afternoon we spoke with the new administrator of the facility and she defended her saying she is not a bad person and that she is innocent till proven guilty. reporting live patty lee. occupy protesters are camped outside the wells fargo building. the group says the movement helped more than two dozen people save their homes by taking part in occupation. >> there was tense moments at a san francisco branch of wells
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fargo this morning. 60 people who lost their homes stormed the bank on third street. they are part of the occupy our homes movement. police escorted the protesters out of the bank. wells fargo says tomorrow and saturday they will grant $5 million in down payment assistance for those who qualify. police are looking for the driver of a vehicle who hit and killed a pedestrian and drove away. it happened wednesday night around 5:45 p.m. investigators say the victim was crossing the street when he was struck by a dark colored suv or van. police say the vehicle continued south dound -- continued south bound. the victim's identity is being wealth held. investigators say a man who died last night after a fight at a homeless encampment was strangled to death.
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he was fighting with another transient before he died. a autopsy revealed that cause of death. he was booked into county jail on suspicion of murder and being held on $1 million bail. investigators make a break in a case of a string of tollbooth robberies. ktvu's ken pritchett joins us live from the carquinez bridge toll plaza on why the crime had a pay out. ken? >> reporter: there have been 10 robberies of toll workers here at this toll plaza at the carquinez bridge toll plaza in the past year and the chp says those responsible did not get away with much. >> reporter: it was happening once a month, a tollbooth worker forced to give it up, sometimes at gun point. and now the chp had a break in the case. >> pleased to announce the
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arrest of three suspects on robberies on the carquinez bridge toll plaza. >> reporter: the chp arrested robert larry white, christopher lee miller, david joseph morales. >> they would approach the toll plaza and demand money. and they would flee on interstate 80. >> reporter: he says surveillance cameras captured the license places but -- plates but the cars were stolen. the robberies -- >> approximately looking like 5- $6,000. >> reporter: the chp says based on the investigation the suspects, the three men, are responsible for 3-10 robberies here at the carquinez bridge toll plaza. and more arrests may be coming. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. fire investigators say it
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appears a deadly fire in san francisco was accidentally sparked. the fire started before 8:30 p.m. last night in the kitchen of a house and spread to other areas of the house. the body of the woman who lived there was found on the second floor. firefighters were able to keep the flames from spreading to neighboring homes. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the fire. a traffic stop caused a water show this morning in san francisco. police say it started around 3:30 a.m. when an officer attempted to pull over a driver. the driver crashed into the fire hydrant, you can see it created a mess. the driver was injured in the crash. authorities say a retired bart police officer and a resident shot and killed his wife before turning the gun on
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himself. it was a murder-suicide. the bodies were found by her mother in their north carolina home. both were 38 years old. he worked for the part police department from 2001-2011. the couple leaves behind three children. the body of a man has been found after he and his girlfriend were reported missing during last week's storms. he and paula lane left sacramento to drive to nevada. they became stuck in the snow. he left the car to find help but he died in the storm. paula lane's brother found her yesterday. she is being treated for hypothermia. police were called to a walmart store after a police
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officer says an employee found a kidnapping victim hiding in the bath room. it happened monday night in pleasanton. investigators say brent kip drove his girlfriend to the store against her will. they say she managed to get into the rest room where she flagged down an employee who called police. he was arrested and booked into the jail. the woman is safe with family. state highway one will remain closed till noon tomorrow. the california highway patrol said the slide washed out earth underneath the roadway. a new report says dangerous carcinogens have been detected. ktvu's jade hernandez is live to tell us why retailers are
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being taken to court. >> this is one of the products that contain as high level of cancer causing flame retardant. it is just one project with a foam pad sold at target. >> reporter: these new parents trust the stores and companies where they buy their baby products. >> there is a sense of implied protection. >> reporter: but today they said they are headed to court and taking big named retailers with them. >> you don't need chemicals to make children's products safe. your demand is to take out the toxic chemicals and not replace them with some other chemical cousin. >> reporter: they tested products for cancer causing
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flame retardants. only 5 items contained safe levels. the law requires foam inside furniture to with stand a flame for 12 seconds. pushing companies to use high levels. >> the highest level in human bodies are in california. the highest levels in california are in babies. >> these products don't have ingredient lists. >> reporter: without a definite way to determine, the center advises vacuuming often, wash frequently and look for cotton or wool instead of foam. >> i trust if i go there i will buy something that doesn't have led paint in it or something that is safe for my baby. >> reporter: a few of the
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retailers includes babies r us, target, kmart and wall walmart. for a list of -- walmarts. for a list you can go to jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. the number of people seeking unemployment fell last week. 350 people. that is down 25,000 people. claims surged in mid-november after superstorm sandy put many out of a job. data from the u.s. department of labor revealed california's
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program failed every year since 2001 to send 87% of first payments within three weeks as required by federal standards. f bart's board of -- bart's board of directors gives military veterans an advantage. they will get a 5% bunk to their score. it does not apply to those who were dishonorably discharged. f muni sell -- money celebrates its 100th birthday. they plan to offer free rides on the anniversary day. in 1912 the fairs were a nickel. the mta considered charging a nickel on december 28 but free ride turned out to be more feasible. mayor ed lee signed an
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ordinance banning nudity. it will go into effect february 1. drying out afters of rain but weather could be an obstacle. what you can expect to see tomorrow. >> and crabbers being pinched on prices? >> 2 dollars 75 instead of $3. >> why their dispute could make it harder forria to by -- for you to buy crabs.
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may be difficult to find crabs this season. it is not the supply but a
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dispute. ktvu's mike mibach is live in san francisco with what the crabbers want. mike? >> reporter: yeah. bay area crab fishermen not doing what they love to do, fishing. instead they are on land, boats tied up. at issue is the price per pound. $3 or will it go down? >> reporter: the fish company, it has been around since the 1940s. >> we depend on a daily supply and demand. >> reporter: the supply is not there. >> the tanks are empty. last week you couldn't see the bottoms. >> the reason? >> we are on strike. >> reporter: they are on strike. tonight 125 fishing boats are tied up. >> we are losing money.
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we are losing money. >> reporter: he says fish brokers want to lower the $3 price agreed upon because demand is down. what he says is also down is supply in the ocean. >> we don't want to go back to work for less crabs for less money. doesn't make sense. >> reporter: he is trying trying to stock his orders. ones they can fill if they start fishing. >> this is all over a quarter. we are not looking at a $2 split. >> reporter: talks between the buyers and the fishermen are happening. the strike could end as early as monday. live in san francisco, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. new data released today shows a drop in illegal immigrants. the number of illegal immigrants dropped to 11
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million last year. for the first time since 1910 hispanic immigration was topped by asian. 80% comes from mexico. but researchers say it is decreasing because of a weakened u.s. company and stronger enforcement. judge told lawyers with apple and samsung she wants them to negotiate out of court. samsung wants a judge to throw out a lawsuit and the apple wants them to add $500 million to the award and ban some projects. the judge will rule if she has to but it will be a lengthsy process. apple's ceo says the company will produce a line of macs here in the u.s. next year. in a taped interview for rock center he said he isn't sure where the factory will be
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built. the company will spend $100 million to move it to the u.s. the state attorney general filed suit against delta today. states attorney general kamala harris says fly delta collects personal information without posting a policy for users. it aims to stop them from distributing the app till they post a policy and seeks $2,500 per violation. clayton has decided to cancel its new year's eve celebration this year. in year's past it attracted a lot of families. but officials say a drop in the school age population prompted them to drop the celebration. they are now considering a different event in the fall instead. santa knows many hard of he deaf children made sure their
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names made his list. children communicated directly with him. the mall brought in a signing santa. teachers and parents say it is their first time speaking to santa without an interpreter. >> they can talk to santa themselves. that is a fantastic experience for them. >> after sharing their christmas wish list with santa they played in the snow palace throwing snow balls and making snow angels. got fog out there right now in the valleys but it is turning into low clouds. but this morning it was in the north bay. dense fog. it will be back tomorrow. you see the fog down here in the central valley. pushing out to the bay. that is the valley fog. it will be back tonight and tomorrow morning. if you have travel plans around
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the north bay, east bay, tonight, tomorrow morning, you know the drill, this is standard stuff. all that rain. high pressure compress the atmosphere. fog becomes the thing you expect. if you had it this morning you will have it tomorrow morning. if you didn't have it this morning, you will have it tomorrow morning. this morning the pockets were dense in the morning. fog is the headline around here. we are getting a chance to dry out, that is good news after major weather. we had four major storms roll through. rainfall accumulations. san francisco picked up in 5 days 20% of their annual rainfall. what they get in a year. 20s inches or so. they got lot of rain. we are getting a break. fog is the story. low visibility in the morning.
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tomorrow like today but no sunshine. best weather is long the coast. winds kick up this weekend. it will be a fire weather condition if it was summer with the strong winds. we could see gusts 45 miles per hour. fire danger lower because of the wet conditions we have had. you will notice the winds. late saturday and sunday. fog in the morning hours, we will see fog here, here, and in the east bay and south. a nice time to dry out. get the gutters clean. i had to do a number on my gutters. that storm was big. a lot of gutters because of the winds and leaves. we get a nice dry out period for 4-5 days. good to take a break. >> watch out for the fog.
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thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >> we will miss her so much. >> a family mourns a woman shot and killed while riding her bicycle. and the saga of a ceo takes a bizarre turn, this time into a hospital room. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. the new 49ers stadium in the south bay reach as major milestone. the key piece of work being done today for the billion dollar project.
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the 49ers celebrated a official milestone today, construction workers joined management, staff, players and officials to celebrate the completion of the upper steel frame work for the $1 billion stadium. two steel beams topped off the frames and the workers got a chance to put their names on the piece of history. fred is here and talking about a new chapter in cal football. >> nice guy.
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realistic guys. after firing jeff tedford cal announced his announcement. 49-year-old sonny said winning a rose bowl is on his bucket list and he has a proven track record. sonny spent three years at louisiana tech and this year they averaged 51 points a game. finished 9-3. it will be a while before cal's offense will look like the bull dog's. >> that is what coaching it, it is about aadjusting your style of play -- adjusting your style of play to your personnel. you are trying to figure out -- >> reporter: how long will it take for you to resonate with the bay area and buy into the guy from texas? >> i hope it won't take too long. i think the key to getting people buying in is success and
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being visible. we intend to do both. get out there in the community, recruit hard and be visible. people like to follow a winner. if we have success on the field people will follow us. >> wisconsin's head coach takes the job at arkansas. the man that hired him will take over there for the rose bowl appearance. wisconsin's athletic director will assume the head coaching job for the rose bowl against stanford. he coached 16 years at wisconsin and took them to three rose bowls and won all three but he last coached in 2005. just how much he will coach we will have to wait and see. >> thank you. and coming up tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news, san francisco issues a meningitis warning. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you tonight at
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10:00 p.m. good night. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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